Two Stocks to Put in Your Portfolio Right Now

|May 5, 2022

We went to one of those fancy horse races over the weekend.

What a day… and what an analogy for investing these days.

It was the kind of race that takes place out in the country, where tradition runs deep and the contest stretches over a few grassy miles, with dozens of jumps along the way.

It was for the uppity crowd. We enjoyed it too.

The lone race at the event was a record-setting eight minutes… but we were there all day.

We reckoned most folks didn’t come for the race.

When we arrived in the morning, we settled our ride in between the Porsches, the Land Rovers and even a Rolls-Royce or two. Each carload of folks seemed to be competing with the next to see who prepared the best spread.

It was game day tailgating on million-dollar steroids – silver, linens and all.

The race was a bore.

A wiry young horse took the lead and extended it with each leap over the fences.

But something peculiar – spectacular, really – happened about three-quarters of the way through. It’s the real reason we’re writing you today.

A Horse on the Run

On one of the last five or six jumps, a rider fell off his mount. He did a headfirst slide into and then across the high green grass.

The horse never looked back.

The darn thing kept running. It kept jumping. And it kept chasing the tail of the horse in front of it.

The champion crossed the finish line. Then second place… third… fourth… finally, the oh-so-determined, riderless horse.

The audience cheered for the winner. After all the pomp and circumstance, it felt obligatory.

But thousands of plaid-wearing, whiskey-tipsy spectators took to their feet and erupted with enthusiasm for the stallion that needed no coaxing.

The horse did its job… whip or no whip.

Being who we are, it got us thinking.

Which horse should our money be on these days?

The market has lost its rider. After a high-endurance race, with whipping after whipping coaxing things forward, the fella on top has come out of his seat (as we wrote yesterday).

He screwed up… and the horse is all alone.

Stock Picks

For many folks, the ride is over.

Their horses didn’t get enough cajoling, and they’ve laid down to rest. Markets – as you know – are having a terrible start to the year.

But not all horses are out of the race.

In fact, some are so charged up and so ready for the fight that they’ll continue racing to the finish line – whip or no whip.

These are the stocks you want in your portfolio.

Normally, we don’t give out ticker symbols for free. We’ve got thousands of subscribers who pay for our advice.

But fearing our story today is so drawn-out, so stretched to its limits, we reckon it’s best to avoid a revolt and give readers what they want.

So here are two income-spewing horses that will do well even after the rider goes headfirst into the turf.

They’re competitors in a recession-proof industry.

Can You Hear Me?

Their business models are simple. They buy up cellphone and TV antenna space and lease it to folks who need to reach the world.

No matter what happens… their services will be in demand.

American Tower (AMT) is the bigger of the two. It has a $100 billion market cap and yields just more than 2.25% each year.

It leases roughly 220,000 communication sites around the globe.

Its numbers are solid. During its most recent period, sales surged 23%. A lot of its growth comes thanks to the nation’s 5G rollout. The company just signed a deal with Dish Network (DISH) to provide space on 20,000 sites, for instance.

It creates a lot of ongoing, highly reliable payouts.

Crown Castle International (CCI) is quite similar. Its market value is just shy of $80 billion, and it yields a stocky 3.25%.

It, too, is seeing strong growth. Its sales went up 15% in its most recent period, and, better yet, management added more than $60 million to its full-year earnings guidance.

That’s good news for income investors. The company expects to be able to grow its dividend by an average of 6% to 8% over the years ahead.

Neither of these names will be in the winner’s circle this year. They aren’t the next millionaire-making highfliers.

But they will do well no matter the circumstances.

They’ll finish the race, even if the rider is laying in the grass.

And these days… that’s enough to make the crowd roar.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

Andy Snyder is the founder of Manward Press, the nation’s premier source of unfiltered, unorthodox views on money and what it means for a free society. An American author, investor and serial entrepreneur, Andy cut his teeth at an esteemed financial firm with nearly $100 billion in assets under management. Andy and his ideas have been featured on Fox News, on countless radio stations, and in numerous print and online outlets. He’s been a keynote speaker and panelist at events all over the world, from four-star ballrooms to Capitol hearing rooms. Today, Andy’s dissident thoughts on life, liberty and investing can be found in his popular daily newsletter,  Manward Financial Digest.