natural pain relief erases pain

Pain Has Met Its Natural Enemy… and Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Honey has been a vital part of many “mom knows best” remedies over the centuries. But now folks are learning of another potential natural cure-all.

hong kong protests

What’s Going On in Hong Kong… and Why It Matters

When the wealthy elite lose faith in their currency or their government, it paints a grim economic picture. And in Hong Kong… the rich have lost faith in both.

return to the gold standard

Trump’s New Fed Pick Knows How to Fix Our Money

Just before the nation took off to shoot explosives into the air, slug a few patriotic beers and salute its tanks on the streets… Trump made a bold move.

fourth of July

The True History of July 4th (and Why It’s So Important)

If ever there were a holiday built especially for Manward, this would be it. A man must be free. His independence must be enduring.

be curious and find treasure

The Real Treasure in Being Curious

Lots of folks today – especially the younger generations – are tripping over the notion of “fulfillment.” They’re bored. And it’s no wonder…

dealing with change

Mailbag: The Only Strategy You Need to Profit From Change

Some folks are addicted to change. Others are paralyzed by it. But as one of our great mentors told us long ago, this is the only worthy strategy to handle it.

millennial culture saving and investing

The Mentality That Will Bring Down Our Nation… and How to Fix It

Our culture is plagued by ignorance, sloth and a dangerous “if it feels good, do it” attitude. It’s why we get up each morning and do what we do.

all-natural antibiotics

Nature’s Answer to Antibiotic Resistance

Odds are you’ve taken your fair share of antibiotics over the years – either to address a health issue or through the food you’ve eaten. And it’s led to a global threat…

door opening to FDA regulations

Our Wild Idea to Fix the CBD Conundrum

In Washington, progress comes slow. So when we get an email from our pals at the FDA, we get excited. And it gives us an idea…

monopoly value of money

Mailbag: The Value of Money Is Changing

The value of money is changing. The dollar has weakened. Gold has strengthened. And bitcoin and its brethren are back. Here’s what’s going to happen next.