Best Short-Term Trading Tip For A Volatile Market

|August 7, 2020

Andy Snyder:

Hey, and welcome. Today, I have something very special for you. So if you stick around, first of all, I’ve got a free giveaway. I’ll tell you about it at the end of the video. But I also have what I think is my number one trading tip for today’s volatile market. Let’s be honest. Things are crazy out there. We have stimulus, trillions of dollars in stimulus, horrible economic data, horrible unemployment, but yet the NASDAQ and many, many stocks are hitting all-time highs and zooming higher. So what’s going on? And most importantly, how do you take advantage of it? So I had an interview the other day, we were talking about my Dow 100,000 Theory. It’s a big, bold prediction, but it’s going to happen. And the reason it’s going to happen is trillions of dollars in stimulus is going into the economy. We’ve got almost three trillion already.

There’s talks of possibly three trillion more. That’s a huge amount of money, and it’s flowing into stocks. But the interviewer, she asked a good question, “What stocks to buy?” And my answer was simple. There are two different types of stocks right now, and it sounds a little odd, but stay with me, it’ll make sense. There are stocks that are going up, and there are stocks that are flat, and that is vital to understand. Because the reasoning behind that has to do with all that stimulus money. So here are the three things, with that in mind, that I’m looking for. First of all, I want to track unusual volume. And this is cool. Go to Google and type in NASDAQ unusual volume. And then the very first thing that will display, the first site that will display is a chart that shows all the day’s stocks that have unusual trading volume.

What I look for there are stocks that have two, three, four, even 10 times their normal trading volume. And hopefully, the ideal situation is they haven’t moved much. That is absolutely key. That’s a clue that folks in the know are buying, and then we’re going to get a long-term sustained run higher from there. The second thing to look for is stock popularity. For instance, go to and look at their list of the 100 most popular stocks. Congress in Washington did send $1,200 checks to the majority of America. A lot of that money is flowing into the stock market. These aren’t always the hottest stocks, but they’re the ones that investor dollars are going into. And the third thing to look for, this is my number one thing, part of the giveaway I’m working on right now is something I call money flow.

So this is a little more complex. There’s not a website you can go to and do this. I had to do the math and I had my own custom screeners and algorithms. But we can go back in time and look at the volume. Again, volume is key on stocks related to that selling pressure. And we can create an algorithm that gives us a green light or a red light, and tells us when to buy. Very reliable indicator. My number one trading indicator right now is that money flow algorithm, what I call my Liberty Indicator. So click on that link below and check out the research report that I just put on there. It talks all about my Liberty Indicator and money flow. And the best part, this is great, it gives away the ticker symbol well for my number one favorite stock right now that just crossed all my screens and I’m sure is going to be a great investment through the rest of this year. So click that link below and I’ll talk to you next time.