The Death of Taxes Is Here… Thanks to Crypto

|November 23, 2021

We’ll start with something controversial… and then get to the big promise behind it.

A little pain… for a lot of hope.

It’s true that Oliver Wendell Holmes was a bit of a government boy. He was a big-time judge – a Supreme Court devotee.

He had friends in high places.

And he collected more than a buck or two worth of taxpayers’ dimes.

Proof of his allegiance to the government came after his death. Holmes didn’t give his estate to his loved ones… He gave it to the thing he loved the best…

The state.

“I hate paying taxes,” the judge once said, “but I love the civilization they give me.”

It’s a popular idea amongst about half the country these days. Without our keepers ripping into our pockets, the theory goes, we wouldn’t have all this fancy stuff around us.

If only Holmes could have stuck around to see what would come after his death.


By most accounts, Holmes left about $260,000 (in 1935 dollars) to Washington. It was the largest-ever unrestricted gift given to the government.

Franklin Roosevelt sent a message from the White House about the money. Put it to use on “some purpose worthy of the great man who gave it,” Roosevelt said.

Apparently… the president’s orders were too tall a task.

The scurrying ants in Washington looked through their plans… scoured their ledgers… and rifled through all that the government was up to.

Nothing was good enough.

At least that’s the only way we can explain why the money sat idle – not even collecting interest – for more than two decades.

What’s worse – and comes as no surprise – is that once Washington eventually found an earmark, Holmes’ life savings went to a bit of a self-serving cause.

It partially financed what was supposed to be, at least according to The New York Times, the definitive history of the United States Supreme Court.

The huge work was to be done in 1965 – three decades after the man’s death.

But bureaucracy plagued the project. By 1983, only four of 11 volumes had been published.

”It should have been concluded long before now,” said the Librarian of Congress at the time. “It’s not a happy story.”

The records show the official deadline was pushed back to 1987. From there, we can’t find any evidence that the project was ever completed.

The civilization Holmes was intent on creating paid a few salaries for a few years… but it bought little else – certainly nothing worth writing about.

Fortunately, an intellectually curious citizen doesn’t need to rely on the government for such archives. He can go to Amazon and purchase a work of equal merit from a private group for just a few bucks.

It’s funny how that works.

Free Markets Win… Again

It’s this notion that takes us to a budding opportunity… something so big and so powerful that it has the chance to revolutionize the world…

If only those damned bureaucrats stay out of it.

Here in America, the politicians want to treat Bitcoin like they do cigarettes, booze and the hard-earned money you bring home each year.

They know there are certain things we’re going to pursue no matter the cost… so they tax them.

Biden’s just-inked infrastructure bill aims to grab $2.8 billion each year by taxing crypto trades.

It’ll build quite a civilization, say the Holmes followers, blindly ignoring the ironic past.

But down south, history gets more of a nod. That’s why things are taking a different turn.

Surely you’ve heard that El Salvador has opened its door to Bitcoin. Down there, it’s a real currency… and a real empire builder.

If President Nayib Bukele gets his way, crypto will soon build quite a civilization in the troubled country. He just announced the creation of a “Bitcoin city.”

This is great news.

The new city will have a power plant fueled by a volcano. It’ll light up the town and provide energy for Bitcoin mining. There will be restaurants, offices buildings, factories… even a port and railroads.

Again… quite a civil place.

But here’s the kicker, which you could say is the “coin d’état” for the big-government crowd…

This new city will have no income tax… no property tax… no payroll tax… and – for those who make a buck or two in the markets – no capital gains tax.

It will all be funded by the ongoing appreciation of Bitcoin.

Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True

You see, El Salvador has been to death’s door. It has seen the future.

Government isn’t its salvation. A new form of money is.

The folks in Washington, of course, disagree.

They’re coming around to Bitcoin and its altcoin brethren – but with different ends in mind.

Instead of using it to give… they’ll use it to get.

They’ll tax it. They’ll put their stamp on it. And they’ll turn it into something much more “civilized.”

Somebody had better warn them, though. They don’t have 50 years to figure it out.

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