The Government’s Only Going to Get Bigger

|October 14, 2019

We may be pregnant.

We had a nasty bout of morning sickness the other day.

It has us quite worried.

There we were, in a meeting with top lawyers, lawmakers and some world-class CEOs, when our stomach started to turn… our brow started to get moist… and our skin turned green.

Then it happened… Somebody said something, and we let out an audible gag.

As they finished their sentence, we punctuated it with a gut-clenching gulp that made heads turn.

We were finished.

Where’s the Trash Can?

The truth is we met with some of the country’s top hemp experts last week.

After the 2018 Farm Bill quietly legalized growing the stuff that won’t make us high, it’s been a hot topic.

We’ve been all over it since the beginning. We’re even planning to grow some of our own.

That’s why we were excited to meet with the industry’s other experts. It’s an incredible sector, buzzing with investment opportunity and huge medical potential.

But when we arrived at the appointed meeting spot… we quickly realized it wasn’t just CEOs and top researchers in the room.

Somebody let the damned government through the door.

In fact, we started the meeting with an update from the head of the state’s department of ag.

He told us how excited he was about hemp and gushed about all the grant money the governor has signed off on.

If our stomach didn’t hurt so bad… we would have reminded him that his folks were looking to lock up hemp growers this time last year.

How could we have been the only ones who saw the irony in all of it?

Then we heard from the feds. The folks at the USDA (apparently they travel in packs for safety) had big grins on their faces – like we were going to puke and they just swallowed the bathroom key.

They were gushing about all their new initiatives… how they could help farmers… how the industry represented a huge turning point for the nation… and on and on.

They were right.

This is huge.

But it’s 80 years late… because of agencies like theirs.

We purposefully sat beside them at lunch. They didn’t want to talk… at least not to us. They were too busy discussing federal pay grades amongst one another and how to get the most out of them.

We wondered whether we should save a stamp and just give them a pile of cash now or wait until the IRS sends the bill.

We’ll wait. Maybe they’ll go away.

Were We Hallucinating?

And then… the lawyers.

This is when we knew something was truly wrong with us.

We talked with several lawyers. And we agreed with everything they said.


They know this whole thing is a mess… that the government has things all screwed up.

But here’s the thing… They love it.

Of course they do. They’re getting rich off this stuff.

For decades, defense attorneys made millions representing folks tossed in the pokey for growing hemp and its evil big brother, marijuana. And now they’re making even more as they help those same folks navigate some of the most half-baked laws this country has ever seen.

Bureaucracy at Its Finest

You see, Congress merely creates laws.

It doesn’t actually implement or enforce them.

It’s like ordering somebody to go drill a well.

If you want water, it doesn’t matter if you’re knee-deep in desert sand. But it sure does matter to the well driller.

Congress (rightfully!) legalized hemp. But they never bothered to think about how to do it.

It’s created the perfect lesson in government waste and ineptitude.

This whole mess could be ended if the folks in suits took an extended vacation. If they’d step aside, it’d all clear up in no time.

But, then again, those poor boys at lunch would have to find real jobs… jobs that pay based on merit, not how long a butt’s been in the chair.

Here’s the funny part…

At the same time the USDA is oh-so-graciously handing out grants to grow hemp… the FDA is deciding whether we Americans are smart enough to be able to use hemp without hurting ourselves.

And while some states are paying for folks to grow hemp… a truck driver carrying a legal load through a neighboring state has a good chance of getting pulled over and arrested.

It’s crazy.

And it’s all because one arm of the government is too inept or, worse, not allowed to talk to the other.

A Magic Act

We all know the war on drugs was a flat-out economic boon for Washington.

But now that our elected folks have finally legalized a totally harmless natural plant (remember, hemp won’t get you high), it appears the government has somehow managed to turn the act into yet another huge growth spurt.

Oh sure, Washington could immediately treat hemp just like corn, wheat or soybeans – and we’d argue that was Congress’ intent.

But the folks who implement the laws tend to like their paychecks. And if they followed the intent… they’d be out of a job.

Somehow… someway… the government is getting even bigger from the legalization of hemp.

It’s a magic act. And it makes us sick.

But here’s what makes us feel better.

The free market continues to win. Nature always prevails.

Despite the regulators’ best attempts at confusing the situation, smart folks have found a way to legally navigate the mess.

They’re putting some incredible products on the market… that even the suits at lunch are eagerly sticking into their pockets.

Great News!

As you may know, we recently put our checkbook where our heart is.

We took a big leap and partnered up to create Pro Restore CBD+.

It’s a revolution in pain relief… and, as the name implies, it contains a hearty dose of hemp-derived CBD.

We had to jump through all sorts of hurdles to get it to market. But we’re sure glad we did.

We’ve been overwhelmed with notes from folks who’ve given it a try.

The Pro Restore cream is the Holy Grail of pain-reducing products I have tried to date!! – John H.

I recently purchased Pro Restore for my fiancé who has terrible back and knee pain… When she tried it, she was amazed at how fast she felt relief!!! Now we are not allowed to travel anywhere without it. She thinks it is a miracle rub. Greg B.

One lady even wrote us a personal note to tell us that the cream has given her the will to enjoy her life again.

That’s huge.

We work hard. We get up early and stay up late.

We pour our heart into stuff like this.

It’s just like what it takes to make a baby.

Sometimes it gets us in trouble.

Other times it makes us sick to our stomach.

But when it all works out… we get something truly great.

We’re proud of what we’re up to. It’s growing into something quite good.

Note: If you’re interested in learning the full story behind Pro Restore CBD+ and what it’s doing for folks, click here. We can even ship you a few free bottles.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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