[Controversy Ahead] How We Can Win the War Raging Across America

|June 6, 2022
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We’re about to get ourselves in trouble again.

The words ahead won’t be taken well by some. But others will cheer.

With the disgusting acts in the news and the many half-cocked (if not purely ignorant) reactions to them, we feel compelled to add some sanity to the shouting.

This is a finance letter, we know.

Readers look forward to our advice on how to make money and what to do with it.

But money isn’t just a means.

It’s a representation of who we are… our beliefs… and our culture.

As the old saying goes, “Show me a man’s checkbook, and I’ll show you what he truly cares about.”

We’ve got problems in America. What we care about is getting perverted and troubled.

The pain comes to the surface in nasty ways.

It affects our money. Markets wouldn’t be in such tough shape if our keepers (and the voters who feed them) valued the long term over the short.

It affects our psyche. Kids are shooting kids because, well, to their sick minds, it’s the best way of getting the attention they crave.

And ultimately, it affects our freedom. When the people can’t make the right decisions, somebody will do it for them.

It’s no good.

We’ve touted our solution before.

It’s not a quick fix. But it’s a fix.

Sadly, it’s time, we say yet again, that every man in America be forced into two years of service.

Get to Work

Before we go on, know that our idea of service is unlike the traditional definition.

Sure, we’d love our young and able to join the military. They’d surely stand for the national anthem after a few months in uniform.

But sadly, the majority of today’s young men aren’t fit to fight. If you’re fat… a felon… a drug user (even of many prescription drugs)… or simply someone who can’t read well… you’re out.

That’s 71% of our nation’s young men today. Fewer than 3 in 10 are eligible for the military.

That’s no good (disgusting, really), but it doesn’t matter with our plan.

We’ll find work for those folks. They can get fit by blazing new trails in our state and national parks. They can get paid to see the country by following natural disasters and helping with repairs. They can nurse their softer side by working at retirement homes.

As long as they’re serving, we’re happy.

The truth is, all we intend to do is splash a bit of cold water in our kids’ faces.

What’s happened in the last two years shows just how “sheepish” our country has become.

We can’t grow our own food (some neighborhoods outright ban the idea), and now shortages are a big worry.

We wait by the mailbox for a check from the government anytime the economy goes south. We can’t prepare for bad times on our own.

And we take our pain out on our neighbors when life turns tough.

We need to change direction.

When a nation is more concerned about whether Johnny will get cash from Amber than whether its basic liberties are being taken away… it’s in trouble.

By forcing young men to change their routines and explore new horizons, we’re convinced we’ll change – no, save – America.

Government Guarantee

A lot of folks these days are talking about the idea of a universal basic income – where the fine folks in the government hand each of us a paycheck every year. It would be, they promise us, an easy way to ensure rent checks get paid and nobody goes hungry.

It’s a dumb idea… yet several cities are quickly headed that way.

It will be an unmitigated disaster.

Instead of such an economic and social atrocity, our plan calls for minimum basic work for any man between the ages of 18 and 23.

The government will guarantee these men a job… and therefore guarantee they’re not poor.

But it won’t be a handout. They’ll work.

Many could join the military. Plenty more couldn’t. Those young men can learn a trade… or perhaps find work in one of Washington’s many office buildings.

If men between those ages ever want to receive any form of government aid, they must first give two years to the country.

If they don’t… you can be darn sure they’ll learn to grow their own food and find a skill employers find useful.

Changing Direction

The way we see it, our plan does three things.

First, it breaks the cycle. It’s tough to join a gang or get drunk with your high school buddies when one kid is in the woods north of Seattle and the other is rebuilding roads in southern Florida.

More importantly, though, it gives our youngest generation an opportunity.

Many can’t afford bus fare out of their city, let alone four years of school. They get locked into a cycle of poverty… one that likely just got a whole lot more vicious.

This would be their chance to break it.

Second, our plan keeps kids out of college… the nasty trap of the middle class.

Oh, they can still go if they want. But first they’ll have to give two years to Uncle Sam. And if they play their cards right, some of them will realize they don’t need a degree – and the massive load of debt they won’t be able to afford when times get tough – to thrive.

After all, two years in the military can quickly turn into a 25-year career – and a cushy pension after an early retirement.

And finally, our plan rebuilds the American spirit.

Lots of great men have emerged during the turmoil of the last few years. Many of them are fighting for their rights.

Most of them have one thing in common… They’ve served this country.

They’re makers, not takers.

If we broke the cycle and forced our youngest men to serve their country, they’d wise up.

They’d see new things and learn new skills.

And, most importantly, they’d see the enemy who’s really taken our nation.

We’re a nation of sheep.

And the wolf has the high ground. It’s clear he’s winning the war.

If we don’t do something drastic, he will devour us.

Our plan won’t be popular. But this is a war we must not lose.

Our money certainly depends on it.

But there’s so much more than money on the line.

Be well,


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Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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