Huge News From Manward

We’re celebrating something huge. It’s the first time in our history that we’ve made a move like this.

It’s equal parts exciting… scary… and, for our readers, potentially quite lucrative.

It involves the “queen’s dealmaker”… a famous radio host… and some bald guy who started it all.

We just recorded a short, seven-minute video with Alpesh Patel that helps explain it.

Check it out.


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Andy Snyder: All right. This is something a little bit different today. I’m coming at you through the monitor, not through the keyboard, I guess. But we’re doing things differently today because this is a very, very big week for me. And we’re doing something that we have never done before. As you know, we just celebrated our five-year anniversary. And in all of those five years, nobody else in history has ever given a recommendation through Manward Press. That’s changing this week because of the man that’s on your screen, the man who’s sharing your screen right now, Alpesh Patel. So ,Alpesh, readers already know you, hopefully. Welcome. Welcome back for sure.

Alpesh Patel: Thank you.

Andy: So we’re doing some big things, but I think I could summarize everything that we’re doing and why I’m so excited about it with a simple question. And this is something that last time we talked at the end of our conversation, you alluded to, but we didn’t really go into depth about it. And that has to do with a meeting that you might have with the Queen soon. What is that about? Do I have that right? It sounds like you might be getting an award?

Alpesh: Yes, you’re right. I’ve been given an award for my services to the economy, all the financial literacy stuff that I do in terms of investing for, what, over the last 20 odd years. And the award, it’s called the OBE. The shortened version of Officer of the British Empire, and it’s a medal. I’ll be collecting it on December the 14th from Windsor Castle, which is where I imagine the Queen is residing at the moment. And usually, it’s either the Queen or Prince Charles, so we’ll find out near the time. So it’s a huge honor, both literally and metaphorically, to receive that, especially because it’s in relation to services to the economy. So in terms of all the financial work that I’ve been doing, you’ll probably see some of my books over my shoulder, all of that education, it’s a volume of life’s work. I’m particularly pleased with the recognition, and, it sounds cliche, but humbled and honored, but it is actually how you do feel about it and to have been recognized for it.

Andy: Yeah. I think it makes me a little bit jealous and has me worry about my own job security. Because between you and Joel, I’m the only one that hasn’t personally worked with with royalty on the Manward-

Alpesh: Well, when you come to London, we’ll try and hook something up. I know the United States has a checkered history with British royalty. In the recent past, all good and very good friends, so at least it’s good going now.

Andy: Yeah. We’ll see what we can do. You’ve alluded to it. Other folks have said it. I look at you as the Robin Hood of Wall Street. You’ve written about the idea of taking hedge fund secrets, or data and information that only the elite of Wall Street have access to. And that’s part of what this big project that we’re working on together is taking that and getting it in a way that we can get it to our readers, to the everyday investor. It ties in with what you’re working on with, with the Queen… tell us about that mission and why it’s so important to you.

Alpesh: Yeah. And I should explain the term Robin Hood. It’ll obviously be familiar to your readers. But of course, he was a British hero, and that’s why I wanted to choose that phrase, but of course it has a different meaning now in the world of finance. And to me, it’s an era that I come from, that North of England part, no silver spoon, there’s no vast wealth. This is not Beverly Hills. This is not hedge fund row or anything like that. And as I grew up and myself achieved social mobility, and thanks to my own financial education, my financial information, and then set up my own hedge fund, my own private equity fund, to me, what was startling was that first as all, “Thank God I was able to do it.” And secondly, I thought, “Well, wait a minute. There’s something inherently unfair about this. I’ve got access to this whole treasure trove of riches,” in the sense of information, because that’s what modern wealth is built on. It’s built on information.

And I’ve got it, my colleagues in the hedge fund industry have it, my colleagues in asset management have it, but it’s not available to everybody. And even when information is available, it just becomes data. It isn’t knowledge and it isn’t knowledge that’s converted into wisdom. I thought, “Well, look, I can’t write a check to all the users and readers out there. The next best thing I can do for the mass public is make sure that I give them access to the kind of information that I have,” but not just, like I said, information and just throwing data at them. That’s pointless. Because like me, they’ve got kids, they’ve got better things to do. They want to smell the roses. So to curate that and then give my expert analysis and viewpoints and put my neck on the block, which is something I’m used to doing for the last 20-odd years in this regard. So yeah, it was that Robin Hood concept, that original Robin Hood concept of take from the rich, my hedge fund colleagues, all that information that they have, and give to everybody else, share it.

Andy: 100%. And that’s what, to me, makes this partnership so appealing and perfectly fit what we’re doing with Manward, the Manward mission that we’ve built over the last five years. And really, it all culminates what you’ve just talked about, this interview that you just did with Buck Sexton. So talking about big names, and it does get a little political, but this is Rush Limbaugh’s successor, big, big name in radio. And you just sat down and talked with him and talked largely about what you’re doing with Manward, why you’re so excited about, and how you’re bringing these ideas to our readers and exclusively to our readers. So what you talked about with Buck represents the first time in America that you’re bringing this to the mass.

So it’s absolutely huge. I would just encourage our readers to take advantage of this opportunity, the first time ever, click on the link that’s below, check out the interview with Alpesh and Buck. And there’s a little bit of a cameo with me in it too. But this is absolutely huge for Manward, great, big opportunity for our readers, and really for us to fulfill our mission. So check out that link. Alpesh, I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’ve done with us so far, and I look forward to the next few years are going to look like.

Alpesh: Thank you. Thank you.

Andy: All right. So thank you. Check out that link below, check out the interview, and I appreciate your time.

>>Click here to get all the details on Alpesh’s big initiative!<<