An Interview With George Gammon, Rebel Capitalist

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Many of you know George Gammon.

He has hundreds of thousands of faithful followers.

He sees things like we do.

And when he recently shared his plan to sue the Federal Reserve… we knew we had to ring him up and get him to share his thoughts with our readers.

It’s a fascinating story…

After decades of reckless spending that has caused the dollar’s value to plummet, the Fed has turned the economy into something few traditionalists recognize. It’s now nearly impossible to tell heads from tails.

And George says that the Fed’s actions in the wake of the March 2020 crash have put us on the path to tyranny.

If you value liberty and personal freedom, you’ve got to listen in on our recent conversation.

Check out the video above.

We like George – and want to work with him again – so send your thoughts on our conversation to We’ll share them with him. Let’s convince him that he needs to be a regular voice in these pages.