Mailbag: Jimmy Hoffa’s “Lost Letter” and Making Money on Meme Stocks

|November 4, 2021

Stocks are at record highs. Cryptos are in hot demand. And interest rates won’t budge.

Golly… whodathunkit?

We’ll save you the hassle of going to our site to skim the archives. We’ve been writing about the Dow’s race to 100K, the death of interest rates and the rising stars of crypto for so long now that we feel we may be boring our readers.

“Gripe about something new, Snyder,” we hear in our head as we plop it on the pillow at night. We imagine the pushback from tens of thousands of readers who, dare we say it, might find interest rates dull or dreary.

Oh my.

But we opened the mailbag this cool, fall morning to see that folks are as happy as ever.

Readers have heeded our calls to invest and then invest some more. Record-shattering prices are treating them well.

“Good call,” wrote one happy subscriber after two of our picks soared by double digits. “Made my week!”

Better yet… our politically tinged commentary hasn’t gotten us canceled. Perhaps the internet police were too busy dealing with the week’s power-shifting elections to place a cultural speed trap in our inboxes.

Readers loved the letter from Jimmy Hoffa that we found on our farm just as much as we did.

More Please

“This letter needs to show up on every computer in the world! Clean the SWAMP!” wrote Reader E.P.

“Bet they won’t let this on Meta,” said Reader M.H.

Good, we say. Our conscience will be clean. As that derelict ship sinks, we don’t want our footprints in its bilge.

“Refreshing these days to read commentary that is outrageous but thought-provoking,” wrote Reader G.V.


It’s always odd to hear someone call our thoughts “outrageous.” Maybe we should be worried. But we’re just tapping the keys that spell out what naturally comes to mind.

The outrageous thing to do would be to sit back and be quiet.

Oh, the humanity.

But there’s always one in the crowd. The fella who likes to block the sun… who puts his hand up and says, “Well, hold on, I disagree.”

And that’s okay. It’s what we’re here for.

The dissidents need a voice too. After all, we’re usually one of them.

Here’s a note from Reader J.H., who didn’t like our biased take on the evildoings of monopolistic unions that are ruining the nation’s economy for their own selfish interests.

I am stunned at your complete ignorance when it comes to unions. It appears that your knowledge of unions and union members has only come from hearsay that you heard at the club and not by any investigation of the financial facts. Labor members control trillions of dollars, and you just insulted them and think that we would invest with your firm. Yes, I was or am a union member. Unions are too complex and diverse to make blanket statements or jokes about. Please contact if you are interested in learning about the pros and cons of unions and union members.

While we’re pretty darn sure this note proves our point that unions use their power and position to hold the nation hostage, sure, we’re interested in learning more.

But no need to send a list of the cons. We bought groceries last night… The cons are quite obvious. Just the pros, please.

Bed Buybacks & Beyond

Digging deeper in the mailbag, one reader who has clearly been paying attention asked us about the big day for buybacks yesterday.

“Bed Bath & Beyond surges 91% amid accelerated buyback plan,” one headline proclaimed.

“Someone should really write about this whole buyback phenomenon. Exciting stuff,” winked a reader who knows we’ve been pounding the table about buyback stocks for quite some time.

Ah… but we’ve been writing about lazy headline writers for even longer. And this is another case where the writers have overlooked the truth while strolling mindlessly down the path of least resistance.

Oh, sure, the company is wrapping up its billion-dollar buyback program well ahead of schedule. But that’s not all that’s new. We’ve written plenty about it. We’ve even recommended the stock.

The real story here was the “meme” aspect of the play.

Like so many stocks these days, this one is a favorite of the internet crowd. Just a bit of good news – like the company’s announcement of a new web platform – creates enough buzz to send shares soaring.

Those “evil Wall Street shorts” stand no chance… and that’s how the meme crowd likes it.

They rush the market with volume and create all sorts of peculiarities… so many, in fact, that the headline writers can’t figure it all out. They just print whatever fits the bill.

The way we see it, a guy could make himself some good money tracking this volume. Where it goes… prices follow.

Give us a week and we’ll spill the beans on that idea. We love buybacks, but clearly there’s an even bigger opportunity here.

Speaking of which… folks are absolutely loving what we’re up to with Alpesh Patel.

What a dream come true. Working with him brings Manward to an entirely new level. Like we said last week, we’re now the only one of our contributors who hasn’t worked directly with royalty.


After all the good things we’ve done for the world, we’d think at least somebody would stick a sword to our neck and call us “sir.”

To see why the queen and her crew are eager to work with a world-class investor like Alpesh, click here. He just explained to famous radio host Buck Sexton how he beat the market by 580%.

It’s an incredible story.

Here’s the link to the full interview.

Note: Don’t forget what we wrote yesterday. All the details on how you can enter for our “Taste of Royalty” dream vacation can be found here.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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