Mailbag: Readers Sound Off on Big Pharma and Our Natural Instincts

|May 6, 2019

Somebody sent us a link the other day.

It struck us hard. It gets to the core of why we do what we do.

The article the reader begged us to dig into focuses on what’s being called an epidemic within an epidemic.

Diabetes affects some 30 million Americans. With education and proper medical advice, most folks are able to keep the harm to a minimum.

But others aren’t so lucky.

Often, they end up getting a limb trimmed or entirely cut off.

Here’s the thing… They shouldn’t have to.

Doctors have been able to manage diabetes for years. Amputations should be rare.

But, sadly, ignorance is quite common.

That’s why it’s largely the poor and uneducated who are getting their legs tossed in the trash.

Most of the time, it’s simply because they didn’t know better or didn’t have the money to do what was right.

It’s insane.

It proves that our health is directly related to our Triad.

Money means we have the Liberty to go to the doc of our choice whenever we want. Our Connections ensure we go to the folks with the best experience and advice. And our Know-How ensures we’re not ignorant of our choices and their consequences.

We’re doing all we can to fight this epidemic of misinformation. We’ve put docs on our payroll and have plans for a whole lot more.

It’s why we do what we do.

We’re already affecting lives.

Looking for a Fight

The proof is in the mailbag…

Dr. Roberts, you are preaching to the choir. Patients would and do welcome IV vitamin C, and particularly as it is done in the Marik protocol. It is the medical doctors – the stodgy old medical community that resists it and either refused to consider it or say they will and then nothing happens. If big pharma did not invent it and get it approved by the FDA, these medical doctors have no interest. And since nothing in the protocol – vitamin C, thiamine, and steroids – can’t be patented, big pharma has no interest.

Doctors don’t need to wait for multiple confirming large double blinded randomized trials (though they will help eventually, I am sure).

What you suggest – that we patients talk to our doctors about this – falls on deaf ears because so many medical doctors dismiss vitamins or alternative healing or for that matter anything they were not taught in medical school, and they dismiss laymen and anything we suggest. There is the problem, Dr. Roberts, and changing that can only come from within the medical community itself as they are the only people that community listens to. Super-Reader J.H.

What’s this? We finally agree with something our self-described archnemesis has to say?

Circle this date on your calendar. It’s going to be declared a national holiday – or perhaps a national emergency.

Either way, J.H. makes some grand points about Dr. Robert’s essay last week. (What you didn’t read, by the way, is the long and terrible story about how medical sloppiness nearly cost J.H.’s wife her life.)

Docs being forced to toe Big Pharma’s line is something we’ve thought about a lot lately, especially after the release of our latest book.

There are so many promising natural cures that are going unstudied simply because there’s no money in them.

The cure for cancer may be growing in your backyard… but a $2.34 cure is hell on Big Pharma’s quarterly earnings.

That’s why we’re doing exactly what J.H. tells us to do.

We’re going after the docs.

Later this month, we’re headed to the FDA’s headquarters to share our view of things.

We figure it’s one thing to toss bloody meat into the lion’s cage all day to see what he does with it. But it’s a whole different game when we tromp into the cage to steal the tenderloin from its mouth.

We don’t expect to make friends.

Mother, May I?

Speaking of friends… we recently announced the creation of the Self-Reliance Society – a private group we launched on Facebook.

Hundreds of folks have joined us. They’re sharing their thoughts and ideas and are starting some great conversations.

Like this one…

Do you think there is a fundamental, instinctive, conscious drive in mankind to learn & grow? – Self-Reliance Society Member K.F.

Members quickly responded with some strong ideas.

Here’s one of the responses a lot of readers can relate to.

As a species, yes, we learn and grow. But as individuals… remember, 50% of the population has a two-digit IQ. They are not able to “learn and grow.”

Of the remaining 50%, a significant percent lack an intrinsic drive, or need, that fuels the learning and growing. And our social structure is continually restricting those learning and growing opportunities.

One example is the ever-increasing number of HOAs. (Try buying a home today that is not in some “planned community.”) They restrict the type of gardens, limit auto repair, restrict home improvements and construction. Yes, you can still find older homes in rural areas, but most of the population actually prefer to live in a home where they are told what to do/not do.

It makes life easier for them. So the land developers continue to build homes that appeal to the masses. And the masses continue to rely on the HOA rules to guide their lives. Sad. – Self-Reliance Society Member B.D.

While we disagree that half the population can’t learn and grow, we will agree with the fact that half the population doesn’t want to learn and grow.

That’s what we told the group… that, yes, we all have an instinct to learn and grow. It’s what separates us from the dogs. And it’s got this world to where it is today.

But here’s the problem.

Our society has been able to successfully push a lot of instincts and natural forces aside. Nowadays, many folks rely on others to do their learning and growing for them.

They’d rather ask Alexa… than do the math themselves.

If you’re not one of those folks and want to join a growing group of Liberty-minded folks, check out what the Self-Reliance Society is up to by clicking here.

We’re doing good things.

But there’s plenty more work to do.

We’re up for it.


Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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