Mailbag: The Value of Money Is Changing

|June 26, 2019

It’s amazing what a bit of Know-How can do.

It’s a potent concoction… even in small doses.

For well-informed folks looking to make an extra buck or two these days, there’s just one thing on their minds.

Money. Duh.

More specifically… it’s the value of money that’s moving the markets.

Death of the Dollar

Earlier this month, Fed Chief Jay Powell made a stunning announcement. He told the world he and his crew would do whatever necessary to keep this bull market alive.

Last week, he made good on that promise when he shocked the market with a heavily dovish message.

Stocks surged.

But something else happened… something far more powerful.

The waves on top of the ocean are headed one way, but the current underneath them is rushing in a different direction.

The value of money is changing.

The dollar has weakened. Gold has strengthened. And bitcoin and its brethren are back.

At Manward Letter, we had a stock related to cryptos surge by 165% in a single day.

At Manward Trader, we have a gold play that’s up by more than 400% – in a month.

Like we said, Know-How pays handsomely.

One of the best gifts that a bit of knowledge can hand us is the ability to know what happens next.

When it comes to the fate of our money, it’s not hard to see what fate has in store.

Going Digital

All over the world, the value of money is in question.

In Germany, for example, key interest rates are making new records as they dip into negative territory.

In the U.S., the equivalent rates are plummeting and are almost certainly headed below zero with the dawn of the next recession.

We’ve made a lot of noise about the trend and what history tells us is next.

And as we dig into the mailbag… it’s clear folks are listening. They’re seeing our predictions coming true all over the place.

I’m a lifetime member of both Manward Letter and Manward Trader and truly enjoy both!! You have opened my eyes to a lot that is going on in the world – in looking back I may have had my head in the sand. I originally signed up for the stock recommendations, which I do follow and have done well!!! I look forward to your emails and monthly reports as they are truly educational and have made me a more well-rounded person. I am a true believer and follower of the Manward Triad, and you have been spot-on with major topics way before they surface in the mainstream media. I just wanted to write a quick note and say thank you and let you know you are making a difference and it’s appreciated!!

One last side note… I’d be surprised if you didn’t see it already, but as you predicted, the cashless society is moving full steam ahead. Even Monopoly is jumping on the bandwagon. It’s sad for me as I am still the guy who likes to pay with cash and carry it with me… but thankful I took advantage of your Visa recommendation!!! Lifetime Subscriber J.P.

Thanks. Your words mean a lot.

The new version of Monopoly is a sign of the times. It’s entirely electronic (voice-activated, in fact) and, as J.P. says, has no cash.

It’s the perfect way for the banker to make sure everyone follows his rules.

We wonder if the 2019 version also has a function that erases the debt of bad decision makers… gives first-time offenders a pass at going to jail… and features progressive tax programs.

It’s also important we note the game pieces have changed.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the thimble, boot and wheelbarrow (all symbols of hard work and independence) have been replaced with a dinosaur, rubber duck and a penguin.

Millennials, rejoice.

We wonder if a blankie will be next… or if the railroads will be replaced by trigger-free safe spaces.

We’d best move on before we go too far…

Better Money

Andy, bitcoin or gold… which is better now? – Reader R.C.

Oh boy, that’s a loaded question.

Gold is one of the world’s oldest forms of currency. Bitcoin (and all crypto) is its newest.

If we’re looking to protect ourselves from the demise of the dollar, both will do well. But here’s the thing: Gold won’t be replaced by another rock.

It has no real competition.

But bitcoin… well, there’s now Libra, ethereum, litecoin… and 2,245 other digital currencies.

Nobody knows what will happen with them. But history tells us to expect a lot of wild ups and downs.

If you’re fine with that… cryptos are great.

But if you’re looking for some proven insurance against the collapse of modern money, go with gold.

As for us… why choose? We own both.

One more.

Andy, everybody is talking about Libra. I don’t trust Facebook. But it seems like this one could be the real deal, especially if the young kids start using it. What do you think? Reader F.N.

It’s the question on everybody’s mind. No… not whether Andy likes Libra. They want to know what the markets will think of Libra.

The idea of Libra is great. It’s the free market’s version of a slap in the face to central banksters across the globe.

We’re already seeing regulators push back… hard. It’s a sign that they see Libra as a real threat.

And it is a threat. With the backing of some of the world’s largest banks, it has a strong shot at mass adoption.

But here’s the deal. Libra isn’t the only crypto with this sort of support from the commercial sector. There are several. (In fact, here are the oh-so-interesting details of our favorite.)

It’s clear folks are spreading their money, as they should.

It’s a wait-and-see game right now.

Libra won’t hit the market for a while. It’ll give the regulators plenty of time to plan their attack.

Let’s just hope the dollar survives that long.

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Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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