This New NFT Profit Opportunity Is Proof There’s Big Money to Be Made

|April 25, 2022
Abstract glitch with word NFT on 100 Dollar bill.

One of the simplest ways to make money in the markets is to be right when others are wrong.

Big, dumb statement, we know.

But like we told Mrs. Manward when we dropped to a knee… hear us out.

In the 1970s, most folks used typewriters. Few folks believed there’d someday be a computer on every corporate desk… let alone one in every house.

The internet, too, faced skepticism. Plenty of big-name experts said it was a fad. It’d never go anywhere.

But others saw the nuance in it. They saw the potential the headline writers missed.

They got rich.

The internet, as we all know now, does a lot more than let a couple of nerds write to their code-typing pals on another campus.

It runs the world.

That’s why we get equal parts giddy and upset when we hear folks talking down the future of NFTs – those nonfungible tokens that elicit so many laughs from the folks who haven’t bothered to scratch their heads and think.

We’re right. And they’re wrong.

That means there’s big moneymaking potential.

A Little Slice of Dollywood

Take, for instance, some back-page news in the business section this month.

There’s a new startup called It shows just a small sliver of the immense real-world potential of NFTs.

The technology isn’t just for funky artists or making weirdo pictures of apes. It has very lucrative real-world potential. Just like Uber and Netflix changed the economy and rewrote business models, so are NFTs.

That’s exactly what is doing.

It offers a new way for musicians to sell their music and earn royalties. It’s also a fresh way for savvy investors to buy a stake of those royalties.

Thanks to the tech behind NFTs and the blockchain, the process is quite simple.

Musicians post their music on the platform. It can then be shared across all the major global streaming platforms, like Spotify.

From there, smart contracts (digital scripts that fully automate whatever they’re told to do) pay royalties every time a song is played.

And here’s where the magic happens…

The artists can collect all of those royalties… or they can sell a portion of them to the public.

In other words, if you like a fresh new song, you can invest in it and get paid each time it’s played. Think a singer has promise? Invest in him now and get a cut of his future sales.

And it’s not just songs.

NFTs are starting to grow and expand into other industries, like publishing, real estate and even retail.

The new platform also allows folks to sell concert tickets on the secondary market. Usually this sort of scalping – where prices can go sky high – cuts out the folks responsible for the big demand.

But with smart contracts, the performers – or, ahhhh, the folks they sold their royalties to – can get a cut of every secondary sale.

These are just some of the real-world uses for NFTs.

They go well beyond making silly art.

Anybody who thinks differently is wrong.

And that’s where the money will be made.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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