The $3 Stock That’s Better Than Tesla

|May 16, 2020
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Elon Musk catapulted himself into the American public’s eye about a decade ago.

His “little company that could” started by building electric vehicles (EVs) out of the chassis of Lotus sports cars.

And, defying the odds, he quickly made his mark in an industry dominated by global powerhouses.

Tesla is responsible for reigniting interest in EVs by doing what the rest of the auto industry thought was unthinkable: It made them attractive.

Plus, his company led the charge toward semiautonomous driving technology.

And on top of that, he made all of his company’s patents free to use for all.

These eccentric moves are part of Musk’s brilliance. But his tweets are another story…

You may recall the trouble he got in after tweeting about possibly taking his company private. He got the attention of the SEC and had to pay a $40 million legal settlement.

And just this month, Musk declared that his company’s stock price was too high… which drove down the price and lost investors a huge chunk of change.

Plus, he’s defying shutdown orders and reopening the company’s plants…

If you like volatility, Tesla stock has your name written all over it.

But if you like the idea of Tesla, but aren’t too keen on the company, then we’ve got the stock for you.

In this week’s Markets With Manward, we’ll show you an EV manufacturer touting a sales increase of 180% year over year.

Shares of this manufacturer are climbing in almost lockstep with Tesla’s… up about 40% in the last month. And the best part is there is no twittering CEO to risk driving down the stock price on a whim.

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