The Only New Year’s Resolution You Should Make

|December 28, 2023

I have something different for you…

Normally, my popular weekly videos show you a specific stock that meets my proprietary Growth-Value-Income system.

And based on how those stocks have done… you should have had a very merry Christmas, indeed.

We’ve seen gains of 45% on Vista Energy (VIST)… 54% on Owens Corning (OC)… and a stunning 140% on Limbach Holdings (LMB)… all just this year

My GVI system nailed it time and again.

And it’ll do it again in 2024.

This brings me to the special video I made for you…

As we gear up for 2024, I want to share with you just how I plan to make 2024 our best year yet.

And it starts with the only resolution or goal you need to set for yourself.

Click on the image below to watch it.

And have a very happy New Year!


Happy New Year, friends. Well, do you know what? The one thing that I can suggest as the best resolution for 2024 is “making money.” I’ll tell you why. And it’s not for the reasons you might think. Well, it’s not entirely that.

I want to lose weight in 2024. Well, if I don’t have money, I can’t afford the gym and the personal trainer. My personal trainer is pretty expensive. You might think I should sack her – looking at me – but trust me, there’s a six-pack somewhere in there.

Let’s say, I don’t know, you want to travel the world. You need money. You want to take longer vacations. You need money. You want to make your family happy with nice things, nice experiences. You need money.

There are very few things, very few problems money doesn’t solve.

Well, you know all of this anyway, so I know I’m preaching to the converted. So I tend not to have a list of 10 resolutions, which people often do. And then, guess what? They never get around to doing them. I usually have one or two.

And as I said, even making my family happier, I can do. I mean, trust me, my 5-year-old son, he gets Lego, he’s over the moon. And that needs money.

So I’m afraid I have one simple resolution, and it sounds wrong for the Christmas time of year, but you want to give to charity, you want to help friends and family and just give a helping hand to relatives, you need money.

And I think that’s why I keep it simple. I keep it focused.

Let’s look at what keeps me excited for the year ahead. Well, look, before I look forward, I really need to look backward. And what a phenomenal year this has been for the markets. But we’ve got to look to see whether the drivers will continue in 2024.

Well, American ingenuity will continue. Companies generating profits – I really can’t see why we wouldn’t be able to find enough. We don’t need to get the whole market. We don’t need to get thousands. We need to, in our process through GVI Investor for instance, narrow in on a few critical opportunities. That’s it.

So even if the market were to go into a recession and go into a bear market, it doesn’t ever worry me because I know I’ve only got to pick a few gems. And there’ll always be gems. So of course it’s easier to pick gems if the market’s skyrocketing. Of course it is. Given how well this year’s gone, I take nothing for granted for 2024. We can’t assume we’ll have another phenomenal year in 2024 for the market.

But what I will assume is that I’ll have a phenomenal year because, as the old saying goes, if you want to bet on anyone, bet on yourself. And I’m happy to back myself on that and my approach. I have a very risk-measured approach, which I’ll share with you in a second. So I am excited that growth in revenues and profitability will continue in enough companies for us to find some stellar returns.

Sectors… Well, I’m obviously going to say technology. I’m obviously going to say artificial intelligence. But I’m going to keep an eye out. I’m not going to take a blinkered approach. I’m going to keep an eye out for whatever might come from left field, as it were, because AI did, in many ways, when it exploded onto the scene. I suspect applications of AI in, for instance, robotics, in healthcare, in logistics, in restaurants – Chipotle for instance, using AI and seeing its stock rally. So it’s going to be across the board, and that really does excite me for the year ahead, very much so. I think it looks like we might have averted a recession, which, again, like I said, didn’t really bother me too much from a stock perspective, but I think we’ve got a good, solid process. I think I know my audience well, so I’m excited about all of those things.

Let me share with you the way I tend to look at things.

You’ve got some cash. The first thing I’ve got to work out is my risk appetite. I can’t control the markets. I do not have a crystal ball to see into the future. What I can control is my own risk appetite.

So I determine whether or not things are looking a little bit toppy, like they were in February 2022. Yes, I do remember the months – February 2022, not even 2023, 2022. There was a lot of wait a month, wait a month, wait a month. We had to be really cautious. We had to really double down and be very, very due diligent as it were.

And then, if you move across – and so you could start with a zero on the far left side and you move across to a 10 – and you work out where you are. Now, overall, the broader market at the moment, I’m going into 2024 fairly risk-loving. I still want volatility under 20% if I can help it, as you know. That means there’s going to be a mixture of really good-quality companies, maybe some of the megacap S&P 500, but there’ll also be a bit of special situations coming in and some of the smaller caps as well.

So that’s a broad overview of how I’m seeing things going into 2024.

I’ll tell you what my reading material is. I have got, because my team have sent me, the outlooks of every single major investment bank from your Goldman Sachses and your UBSes all the way down to Macquarie, which you might not even have heard of. I’ve got 40 PDFs.

Now, I might get AI to actually cheat and summarize them for me, but I think I need to read them. So I’m going to read all of that and all that extra material that I do and my team due diligences, when they look at all the data from the markets. That’ll continue over the Christmas period. And it’s a good time to catch up on all of that, forecast that, then just let it brew inside my head and come to my own conclusions in terms of which stocks.

We’ll continue with our very, very diligent process of looking for undervalued companies, showing good growth, with usually dividend yields, strong-growing cash flows (really critical that cash return on capital invested), strong Sortinos (the average return versus the downside risk or volatility of missing it) and, of course, generating alpha, having a track record of alpha, i.e, the ability to outperform the market.

Whilst there can be no guarantees, I can at least put my head on the pillow knowing that I can sleep easy because I have ticked every single box for you. So that’s my job, and I’m really keen to get on with it into the new year and I’m excited for it.

I’m particularly excited because I got an email today from someone who said that until they were following my approach and following me, they were only getting 5% per annum, and now they’ve managed 70% in just a couple of years. Those kinds of things – they make my year. And for each one of those people, there’ll be 100 who haven’t messaged, who – please do – but that’s what I want to get more of in 2024.

So my resolution is, contrary to what I said at the start, not just to make money and make money for you, but also to continue doing an outstanding job for all my followers and all the people who are part of the Manward family and GVI Investor as well. So two resolutions, not one.

I wish you a very peaceful and prosperous 2024. Thank you.