Deutsche Bank Sees What We See

|April 7, 2022

Today’s the day. Our Generational Wealth Summit goes offline at midnight ET.

It’s been a huge hit.

But why, dear friend, have we been pushing it so hard? It’s been the subject of nearly everything we’ve written or said for the past two weeks.

What gives?

Making sure we maintain our annually renewed poetic license and get our Shakespeare quote in for the year… let us count the ways.

  1. HSBC says this market could grow by 2,400,000% in just five years.
  2. It’s already generated one-year wins as high as 11,264%… 13,991%… 32,309%… and 41,936%.
  3. This opportunity is like Bitcoin in 2010… just bigger… and better.
  4. The video contains one of my absolute favorite picks for this year… for free.
  5. How often do we get interviewed by Buck Sexton… a living legend in the communications world?
  6. We’re talking about a $5 investment opportunity that could be 10X bigger than Bitcoin.

We’d go on. But there’s something else… something that we haven’t mentioned all that much.

We saved the best for last.

It’s what we talked to Buck – a former CIA agent – about when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Off the Record

“What do you see for the year ahead?” he asked us.

“We’ve been predicting a recession since back in December,” we told him. “Look, all the real indicators – not the ones always hit on by the mainstream media – are telling us to get prepared.”

We told him that unemployment is near lows. It’s a proven contrarian indicator that is just as accurate as the inverted yield curve. When unemployment rates hit their nadir, a recession nearly always follows.

We told him personal savings rates are plunging…

The Fed is backing out…

Inflation is surging…

And the hangover from printing $5 trillion is starting to make the nation’s economic head pound.

“Agreed,” Buck said. “It should be obvious.”

Nonetheless… what is clear to us is rarely clear to Wall Street.

But we are getting some folks – some very big folks – to follow our logic.

It’s Coming

Just this week, the prognosticators at Deutsche Bank penciled in a coming recession. It’s the first big bank to make the move.

It says putting the economy in reverse is the Fed’s only hope of slowing inflation.

That’s right. The folks at the Fed printed trillions to keep us all employed. Now they’re going to send unemployment surging once again just to pull it all back in and fix what they broke.

Managing an economy with votes in mind instead of fiscal health will do that.

Is there any wonder we have no faith in their work… or their words?

Mark Zandi is a well-known analyst at Moody’s. He puts the odds of a recession at 1-in-3.

“Recession risks are uncomfortably high – and moving higher,” he said.

Helping with that “higher” part are the vote counters in D.C. They continue to pump the sorts of plans that got us here.

After pausing student loan payments because of the pandemic, the White House now wants to extend the stoppage for a fifth time. You know… because the inflation caused by a stuffed-full economy is now making it too expensive for our youngest workers to live.

It’s no wonder the idea of a globally strong dollar is cracking up.

We’ve beaten the thing like a mule that won’t pull the plow… because the plow is shackled to a tree.

The New Opportunity

It all tells us it’s time for something new. Something different.

It tells us we need to sit down with the smartest and brightest in the world and debut a new opportunity… a new market that nobody is talking about.

A market that’s not befuddled by the clouds of ignorance and political chicanery.

That’s why we’ve pushed so hard. It’s why we’re obsessed with the notion.

We believe there is a fresh alternative. And boy, does it look lucrative.

But we’ve pushed hard enough. We think you get the point.

That’s why The Generational Wealth Summit – the absolute biggest thing in Manward history – goes offline at midnight ET.

You have one last shot to see it here.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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