This Could Be Your Best Shot to Make Extraordinary Wealth

|May 20, 2021

Folks, it’s not all that often we get giddy about a new idea.

But this one has our leg shaking.

We were talking with some colleagues yesterday about the immense power of the free market. No matter the obstacle, it always finds a way.

From vaccines to milk sales, once the free market is in charge, huge things can happen in very short time.

The latest proof is in the idea that stands at the core of the mighty capitalist mindset.

One well-known financial rag says it’s the “hottest thing on Wall Street.”

Others have said it’s the start of a financial revolution.

The headline writers at The Economist call it a “rebellion.”

As for us… we recently went on camera in the heart of New York to say, “It’s probably the single best shot everyday Americans have to make extraordinary wealth in this market.”

That’s a bold statement… so let us explain.

The System Broke

For nearly two decades, we’ve watched as IPOs have become riskier and riskier.

Where they were once a way for savvy investors to get into a company at the “sweet spot” of growth and reliable sales, IPOs have recently become too burdensome and expensive for startups to take advantage of.

Historically, companies would go public at the point where growth turns hyperbolic. Needing some cash to take full advantage of their growth potential, they’d open their shares to the public and let everyday investors in on the action.

You may remember when Microsoft did it in 1986.

Back then, it was a typical IPO. Unlike many of the mega-IPOs we see today, the software firm was a tiny company when it first opened to public trading. Its first shares sold for just $21, and the size of Microsoft lived up to its name… with a tiny market cap of just $777 million ($1.7 billion in today’s dollars).

Shares tripled in their first year.

Compare that with the Coinbase IPO… and its staggering $86 billion valuation.

It has done just what we said it would do. It’s down 30% in the month it’s been public.

Clearly something is broken.

The problem is obvious. After decades of piling one regulation on top of another, the IPO process has become a flat-out mess.

It can cost as much as a full year’s worth of sales just to navigate the SEC’s rules. The banks get a cut… The government gets a cut… Insiders get a cut. By the time the public gets into a fresh IPO, there’s not a whole lot left.

But folks had better buy these old-school IPOs with the intent of holding for a very long time.

As so many recent deals have shown, it will take years to make back what the red-tape-laden IPO process takes out.

But there’s hope.

There’s always hope when the free markets are at risk.

The New Alternative

This is why we went to New York. We went there to be interviewed on our recent breakthrough research on SPACs… the IPO alternative that is flat-out revolutionizing Wall Street.

It proves that the free market always wins.

The acronym SPAC stands for special purpose acquisition company.

It’s the word “acquisition” that matters most.

Take that gold-miner SPAC we told you about yesterday.

It’s what we call a “blank check” company. Its investors (you can be one of them) gave it cash and said to go find a private gold mine to take public.

From here, the team of “head hunters” has a very clear job to do… it will seek out the very best privately owned gold mine to acquire and merge with.

And because the SPAC is already listed on the NYSE and its shares are trading right now, the acquired gold mine will hit the public market without all the red tape.

That means…

  • No huge checks cut to lawyers, regulators and big banks
  • No time-consuming road show
  • No blackout periods
  • No insider-only deals
  • And virtually no red tape.

It represents a huge pre-IPO opportunity for investors who own the SPAC.

But don’t go buying that gold SPAC. We used it only as an example. We’ve got our eye on a much better opportunity.

And as we mentioned yesterday… it’s part of a HUGE announcement we’re eager to make.

What’s happening in the SPAC world is far too big to detail in just this short column. The opportunities are too robust for us to shortchange you with just a few hundred words on the topic.

That’s why you need to follow this link.

It reveals who we talked to in New York… and exactly what we talked about… and will offer more details on SPACs and the hot opportunities we’ve recently discovered.

Check it all out here.

Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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