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|May 28, 2020

We’ve mused often about the intimate relationship between our money and our Liberty.

We argue that, with an exception for America’s slave years, never has the tie been as obvious as it is right now.

But our job is not to point out the obvious. No, our job is to lift up the rocks and pluck out the ideas that hide quietly underneath them.

With that, let us share some words we sent our Manward Letter subscribers on Tuesday.

It’s an oddball fact that’s proving quite potent these days.

Roughly one-tenth of 1% of companies in the United States are publicly traded. Out of the 6 million or so companies with a payroll, nearly all of them are privately owned.

And yet… more than 40% of all sales and 80% of pre-tax profits go to publicly traded companies.

Those are head-scratching figures. They show exactly why the stock market is zooming… while so many on Main Street are suffering.

But they’re not even the latest numbers. They were released before Walmart saw its best sales in 20 years… and before Amazon became a crucial supply conduit in a pandemic-riddled economy.

These days, just a relative handful of companies are soaking up consumer dollars… including the trillions of freshly printed dollars tossed into the world in the form of stimulus.

From the Poor… to the Rich

The CEO of Target was in the news this week, boasting of the clear uptick in sales that started almost immediately after the first checks were issued on April 15. It was obvious, he said. And big.

One business professor said, “The stimulus might as well be called the Amazon and Walmart shareholder act. There are some unintended consequences here. The strong are getting stronger.”

It leads us to a daring conclusion.

It’s time to buy like hell.

Not only will the stock market’s mad rush higher continue, but the magnitude and longevity of this bull run will dwarf the run of the past 11 years.

It has to.

There’s no other place for the trillions in freshly printed dollars (with trillions more on the way) to go.

The numbers prove that much of that money will eventually end up in the hands of a relative few publicly traded companies.

In other words, if you’re looking for the sort of hyperinflation the textbooks say must come with this level of currency debasement… look no further than the stock market.

If you missed out on the bull run of the last 11 years, you’ve got another chance.

Perhaps it’s your last one. Stories like this do not end well. But it’s either ride the wave to its crest… or be sunk when it comes roaring to shore.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots has rarely been larger. And Liberty certainly favors the former.

The Trail of Fresh Ink

What stocks to buy?

Right now, there are two camps.

The first contains the big, government-crowned “essential” businesses, like the ones mentioned above. Right now, the bigger the box, the stronger the sales. The government closed what little competition they had.

The second is the headline stories – the coronavirus plays.

One of the hottest is Novavax (NVAX). It’s a stock we told our Alpha Money Flow subscribers about early in the year.

The results have been stellar.

From a very satisfied customer last week…

Hey, Andy! I just wanted to write in and tell you, I got my first 1,000% bagger from one of your recommendations in a special report. I bought it in January for $4.59 and it has traded as high as $61.50 in the past few days. My only complaint – I wish I bought more!!!

Like we said, there’s a lot of fresh money floating around out there… trillions of dollars’ worth. It’s doing crazy things to the market.

But what works today rarely works tomorrow.

The headlines will fade. They already are. When they do, it’s vital to turn our attention back to the government-favored firms that are perfectly positioned to soak up all this money.

Infrastructure stocks. Defense firms. Midcap technology stocks. And healthcare too.

They’ll all do well in an era of helicopter money.

But for our money, there’s one company that every investor should know about. As Jay Powell and his boys print, it might as well just back a dump truck right up to the Fed’s loading dock.

We just revealed its ticker symbol – 100% free – as part of our BIG GIVEAWAY event.

The nation could use a bit more Liberty these days. We’ve mused about it enough. Now we’re doing something about it as we give away one of my hottest investing ideas – and the trick to finding others like it.

It’s all free.

And it’s all in this exciting digital presentation.

Like it or not, it’s time to buy.

It’s now or never.

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Andy Snyder
Andy Snyder|Founder

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